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Till Pongratz finns det enligt Yasni 9 olika namn.

Pongratz är i rangordningen enligt Yasni det vanligaste efternamnet på plats 1198.

Betydelse av "Pongratz"

With high probability, the name of Pong Pankratius heads (c. 290 in Phrygia, to 304 in Rome, Roman sainted martyr of the early Christian church). The name comes from Greek and means "the all-conquering." As of 12 Century, the use of a fixed family name in German cities, usually the beginning of the 15th Century surnames were repeated throughout the German speaking countries. So far, the family name not job titles, places of origin, countries of origin, homes, properties derived so on was - with free choice of name - have been used frequently to specific individuals, such as missionaries, martyrs, saints, etc..

(Inskickat av Gerfried Pongratz)

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