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Angående Mimmi finns det enligt Yasni 771 olika namn.

Mimmi är i rangordningen det vanligaste efternamnet enligt Yasni på plats 585.

Betydelse av "Mimmi"

Female first name (German, Italian), (?) Mimmi bitterness, Hebrew (Old Testament); mirjam = the bitterness, the bitterness (Aramaic); mry ='s lover (Egyptian), as the name of the Mother of Jesus, symbol of pure and deep love, meaning clarified not sure, a possibility: 'bitterness', and another possibility is an Egyptian origin and a derivation of 'mry' (the / the beloved, in the sense of that which is loved / he who is loved) , 'Maria' is the Greek / Latin origin form, 'Mirjam' the older Aramaic / Hebrew, probably the most common female Christian name

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