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Personer med förnamnen "Marielle"

Marielle Ahlm Marielle Alexandersson Marielle Andersson Marielle Arvidsson Marielle B. Johansson Marielle Bengtsson Marielle Berg Marielle Berggren Marielle Bergström Marielle Bock Marielle Bodin Marielle Brovinger Marielle Bylund Marielle Carlqvist Marielle Claesson Marielle Eklund Marielle Ekström Marielle Eriksson Marielle Falk Marielle Forss Marielle Frank Marielle Fransson Marielle Fredriksson Marielle Friman Marielle Gillberg Marielle Grahn Marielle Gustafsson Marielle Hallberg Marielle Hansson Marielle Hellman Marielle Henriksson Marielle Hjälmedala Marielle Holmgren Marielle Holmström Marielle Hult Marielle Hägglund Marielle Höckert Marielle Ingemansson Marielle Isaksson Marielle Ivarsson Marielle Jansson Marielle Johannesson Marielle Johansson Marielle Jonsson Marielle Karlsson Marielle Kock Marielle Kristiansson Marielle Larsson Marielle Lausch Marielle Lilja Marielle Lind Marielle Lindberg Marielle Lindgren Marielle Lindström Marielle Lundin Marielle Lundmark Marielle Lundqvist Marielle Lundvall Marielle Lázár Marielle Magnusson Marielle Malmqvist Marielle Marcus Marielle Marklund Marielle Medin Marielle Milton Marielle Månsson Marielle Nilsson Marielle Norling Marielle Olofsson Marielle Olsson Marielle Palm Marielle Parke Marielle Persson Marielle Ragnarsson Marielle Ramel Marielle Roos Marielle Rosander Marielle Runesson Marielle Sandgren Marielle Schön Marielle Sjöberg Marielle Sjölander Marielle Sjölund Marielle Strid Marielle Ström Marielle Sundin Marielle Sundström Marielle Svahn Marielle Svensson Marielle Söderberg Marielle Söderlund Marielle Tengström Marielle Wahlström Marielle Wallin Marielle Wallström Marielle Westerberg Marielle Wiklund Marielle Åberg Marielle Ågren Marielle Åkerlund
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Uppgifter om "Marielle"

Angående Marielle finns det enligt Yasni 564 olika namn.

Marielle är i rangordningen det vanligaste efternamnet enligt Yasni på plats 757.

Betydelse av "Marielle"

Female first name (French); (?) Marielle bitterness, Hebrew (Old Testament); mirjam = the bitterness, the bitterness (Aramaic); mry ='s lover (Egyptian), as the name of the mother of Jesus symbol of pure and deep love; clarify meaning not sure, a possibility: 'bitterness', and another possibility is an Egyptian origin and a derivation of' mry '(the / the beloved, in the sense of that which is loved / he who is loved);' Maria 'is the Greek / Latin origin form,' Mirjam 'the older Aramaic / Hebrew, probably the most common female Christian name

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